Information about Covid-19

Covid-19 or Corona virus is a disease that is spreading all over the globe now it does not need any
kind of introduction nowadays that what is it and how does it spread all over the globe. First infected
person with Corona was in Wuhan City of China in early December 2019 and with time it spread all
over the city then in the country and now it has created a pandemic in all the world. As per the
Government records there are 4.27 M of people who get infected with this virus. This virus can
cause to death and many people have lost their lives due to this virus more than 461 K deaths has
been confirmed by mid of June 2020.

The people are also recovering with the disease 4.27M have
been confirmed recovered from the disease or you can say they have won the fight against the virus.
But it is still spreading all over the world and No vaccine is still not found for the disease the scientists and doctors are constantly looking for the best cure possible to get rid of this disease.

The Symptoms of Corona Virus and the categories:

Most Common Symptoms are
. Fever
. Dry Cough
. Tiredness

Less Common Symptoms are
. Aches and pains
. Sore throat
. Loss of Taste and Smell
. Headache
. Diarrhea
. A Rash of skin

Major Symptoms are
. Problem in breathing
. Chest pain or Pressure
. Loss of movement or speech
. High Fever
If a person is having any of the above symptoms or any other symptoms that can be related to
Covid-19 are requested to contact the Doctor or the Covid-19 Helpline Number.
We hope we get rid of this Disease as soon as possible and get the vaccine for our better medical